1460 Boul.Rome, Brossard (450) 923-7999

Michel Puertas Denturologiste
Clinique De Denturologie
1460 boul.de Rome
Brossard , Québec , J4W 2T4 Canada
Denturologiste, Prothèses Dentaires, Dental Prosthesis

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Clinique Implantologie Dentaire Brossard
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Implants Denture Fix-On-Zircon

Votre denturologiste, l'expert de votre sourire, Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Diplôme Ordre des Denturologistes du Québec Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie

​( 200$ Value )

​implants & dental prosthesis

Diplôme Formation Continue Michel Puertas denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Dentoplan Brossard-Laprairie

Live the experience of beauty and precision !
The fixed denture zirconium-porcelain on dental implants is the solution of high quality currently available in dental implantology.
The dental esthetic achieved with the zirconium-porcelain fixed denture is more natural than other dentures.

Stability-Comfort-Estheticism-Best Quality Of Life-High Quality Solution

Tax credits

In Quebec as in Canada, a tax credit may be applied to the portion dental fees, which reduce the actual «out-of-pocket» amount you pay for the care you received.
For details on eligible expenses, please consult the websites of Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency.
diplôme Societe d'implantologie dentaire Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie, diploma dental implant society Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie

​​22000$ Porcelain Fix-On-Zircon*(With Free 3D Scan)

Lower Denture Fix-On-Zircon And  4 Dental Implants


* Prices include prosthetic portion and surgical ( Dr Dagenais d.m.d.) but may vary depending on the type of attachment or bar; a free consultation (200$ value) will give you all the information for a clear and precise choice according to your needs. Surgery and prosthesis, at the same place, for your comfort!.
Diplôme Permis de Directorat Michel Puertas denturologiste    Brossard-Laprairie
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Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Michel Puertas denturologiste, with over 20 years experience, working for several years with Dr Patrice Dagenais and Dental Implant Society at the Implantology Dental Clinic in Brossard to offer you implants and implants prosthetic services of quality, at the same place, by experienced professionals.


Include Final Fixed Precision Denture Zirconia-Porcelain Fix-On-Zircon, 3D Scan, Surgical Guide and 4 Dental Implants Without Bone Graft, With Premium Quality. Add 2000$ per extra implant-attachment.

Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Fixed Denture Fix-On-Zircon Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie

24000$ Porcelain Fix-On-Zircon*(With Free 3D Scan)

Upper Denture Fix-On-Zircon And 4 Dental Implants