1460 Boul.Rome, Brossard (450) 923-7999

Michel Puertas Denturologiste
Clinique De Denturologie
1460 boul.de Rome
Brossard , Québec , J4W 2T4 Canada
Denturologiste, Prothèses Dentaires, Dental Prosthesis

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Clinique Implantologie Dentaire Brossard
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denture on implants click Brossard-Laprairie
denture on implants click Brossard-Laprairie
denture on implants click Brossard-Laprairie

Add 2000$ per attachment & extra implant



 Open Day/Evening/Saturday

Michel Puertas denturologiste, with over 20 years experience, working for several years with Dr Patrice Dagenais and Dental Implant Society at the Implantology Dental Clinic in Brossard to offer you implants and implants prosthetic services of quality, at the same place, by experienced professionals.

* Include Implants & Esthetic Precision Dentures Without Bone Graft, With Premium Quality. The price of a dental implant varies between 1500$ and 1800$

Michel Puertas obtained his diploma in dental technology in 1992, followed by a diploma in denturism in 1997. His training and area of expertise have it provides a solid experience. At our Clinic you're our priority. Never rushed, always listened, we are commited to taking care of you. Having an laboratory on the premise we eliminates intermediaries and his services are guarantors of the highest standards of quality and professionalism. We produce carefully complete dentures, partial dentures, complete dentures on implants, partial dentures on implants, relining, occlusal splints to treat bruxism and mouthguards. Visit us for a free consultation.
The Clinique de denturologie Michel Puertas is located in Brossard, near the Champlain Bridge. The Clinic offers free parking with easy access for people with reduced mobility. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, Interac, Checks or Cash. It is possible for you to get a financing plan, through the National Bank, for your dentures and dental implants. All dentures have a limited time, an average of 5 to 8 years. They should be checked every year by your denturologist to extend your comfort. Enjoy the annual cleaning and polishing courtesy of Michel Puertas denturologist at the Brossard Clinic. We speack french, english, spanish and we have the laboratory on the premise to repair your dentures (1 hour repair). For more information do not hesitate to contact us. 
Diplôme Maitre Société Implantologie Dentaire Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Diplôme Ordre des Denturologistes du Québec Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Diplôme Formation Continue Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Permis de Directorat Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
Michel Puertas Denturologiste Brossard-Laprairie
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Included with Michel Puertas denturologiste :
Free adjustments of your dentures for 5 years.
Annual cleaning of your removable dentures for 5 years.
Change nylons of your removable implants dentures for 5 years. 


16000$*(Stability 9 On 10)

6 Implants Upper Denture

Lower Denture Without Implants

14000$*(Stability 8,5 On 10)

5 Implants Upper Denture

Lower Denture Without Implants

11000$*(Stability 8 On 10)

4 Implants Upper Denture

Lower Denture Without Implants

We offer you quality, service and experience

​Over 20 years experience !

11000$*(Stability 8 On 10)

Upper Denture Without Implants

 4 Implants Lower Denture

9000$*(Stability 7 On 10)

Upper Denture Without Implants

 3 Implants Lower Denture

7000$*(Stability 5 On 10)

Upper Denture Without Implants

  2 Implants Lower Denture

* Prices include prosthetic portion and surgical ( Dr Dagenais d.m.d.) but may vary depending on the type of attachment or bar; a free consultation (200$ value) will give you all the information for a clear and precise choice according to your needs. Surgery and prosthesis at the same place for your comfort!.




( 200$ Value )

implants & dental prosthesis